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About Our Company

Who We Are

Drift Technologies is a wholly owned private limited company with headquarters based in Lagos. Our team of consultants and engineers have been on the forefront of evolving technologies and networking capabilities in the African hemisphere over the past decade and have deployed various industry leading solutions for various Nigerian enterprises.

The Drift 'Ethos'

Drift Technologies is an ICT company. We always strive to maximize value for our clients by completely understanding what they want to achieve for their business before delivering efficient, effective and relevant solutions tailored to their enterprise environment according to globally recognised best practices.

This methodology has been very effective as it allows the right technology to be synched to the right client which in turn boosts productivity of their operations.

Some of Our Services

Drift Technologies is a full service solution provider. We are involved at all stages from inception to deployment and provide staff training including support throughout the solution lifecycle.

Enterprise Networking

Our engineers have numerous years of working experience with all the leading switching and routing components in the networking space.

Let us add our Midas touch to your Enterprise Network and supercharge your architecture including remote sites.

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Live Video Streaming

Live streaming solutions you can count on.

We always work with the industry leading OEMs to provide you with a reliable, constant and exceptional video stream

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Technology Consultation

Technology used to be that cool gadget or next invention on the market.

Now TECHNOLOGY is what can make or break your business. With years of system integration, product and solution development, a conversation with our consultants is always INTERESTING.

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